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Blogger Outreach - Real links from real sites

Writing a guest post for a quality industry related blog has a number of benefits. Whilst there are the obvious positives from an SEO perspective, it’s also possible to use this technique to get your content in front of an interested audience who is loyal to the blog, as well as increase your PR or brand exposure.

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Blogger Outreach has become a very common SEO technique in recent times, meaning that it is caught the attention of Google and been marked as a potential spam tactic. Therefore, to minimise the risks involved, you need to be doing genuine guest posting that offers value to the internet and its users.

Real links from real blogs

There are many ‘blog networks’ on the web, which have only been set up to accept guest posts for SEO purposes. However, we ensure that we are only using REAL blogs when it comes to guest posting activity. The blogs we work with have real owners with a genuine following, whether it be on Bloglovin’, Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms. This means that the links you get from these blogs can be viewed as a genuinely positive search engine signal.

100% unique UK and US written content

Many SEO companies will only use foreign copywriters where labour is cheap, yet the quality is poor as a result. We know that the best blogs won’t accept substandard content for their sites! For this reason we will only use UK or US writers (depending on where you are based), so the post reads well and has perfect grammar and spelling. All posts are then double checked by our content manager to ensure the quality is good enough to be used on the web.

Looking further than metrics

It’s all well and good looking for blogs that have a particular Moz DA or Google PageRank, but what if they have lower metrics and are an upcoming star, or just have a Blogspot domain but have a strong, loyal following who comment and contribute regularly? At Marketing Signals we assess every single blog that we look at for its suitability in your campaign, and choose them based on their individual merits, not just the obvious metrics.

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