Keyword Research

From money to brand, keywords come in all shapes and sizes

Ranking for your own brand name is all well and good, but making sure you are appearing for the high-traffic industry terms is where the real success lies. So how do you determine what these keywords and phrases are? This is where detailed keyword research is important.

At Marketing Signals we have a vast amount of experience in researching and identifying the keywords you should be targeting in your particular industry.

What are users searching for?

Every time somebody logs onto Google, they will type something into the search box, hit enter and have a number of results returned to them. Some search terms are far more popular than others, and the ability to identify these can make a difference of hundreds, if not thousands of targeted visitors landing on your website.

Industry and technical terms

Finding the keywords that are searched for on a regular basis is important for getting the traffic you need. The popular industry terms, including main services or product names, will receive the most traffic and are important to incorporate on your website or in your offsite campaigns. However, it’s also important to use the really specific long-tail, technical terms – this is where you will get the most targeted traffic and higher conversion rates.

What do your competition rank for?

You want to make sure that when a Google user searches for a certain popular key phrase, you are appearing alongside (and preferably above) your direct competition. We have access to a variety of tools which allow us to see what your competitors are ranking for, from their specific positions to how much traffic this is likely to send to them – information which can prove vital to your own business and marketing strategy.

Finding opportunities others miss

Whilst we can see what keywords your competitors are targeting and ranking for, we can also analyse terms which may be less popular yet still have the potential to drive highly relevant traffic to your website. Ranking for these terms will require less work and budget, yet have the potential to bring in revenue for a quick return on investment.

Contact Marketing Signals today to how we can put together a keyword research strategy specifically for your business.

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