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Unique and keyword rich content for SEO purposes

SEO articles are viewed as an ‘older’ form of link building these days, and whilst they tend to be a riskier strategy than before, they can still be effective when incorporated within a wider link building strategy.

Our writers can create optimised SEO articles that can be used on article directories, or distributed onto a partner site that you may already have targeted to submit on.

A traditional form of link building

Article link building may be seen as old-school and even a bit of an outdated method by some, but they can still be useful for increasing the range of links pointing back to your website. Whilst those using SEO articles need to be aware of the potential dangers in using such tactics on a large scale, they can be used to increase the depth of of your overall backlink profile.

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Push interesting content onto the web

Whilst the predominant aim of SEO articles is to get a link back to your own website, articles should be written with a human reader in mind. Our UK-based writers will create a 350 word piece that is interesting and engaging – we aim to produce a quality article that could potentially be linked to by someone referencing it as a resource of information, or shared with others on social media.

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Industry research led

We’ll look into what is being talked about in your industry and look into common keywords that are being searched for to create an SEO article which relates to something newsworthy or can help provide a searcher with the information they need. With a link back to your company website, this authoritative content can help to position your brand as a thought-leader in your sector.

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1 x 350 word SEO Article

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