Google Chrome now has an impressive 59% share of the browser market. Not bad considering it was last mainstream browser to join the market in 2008. One of the key reasons for it’s success (aside from it’s superior loading speed) is the ability to add third party extensions which enable users to executive a myriad of different tasks from within the browser. These are really handy as they save time and can be applied to many different digital marketing activities, including blogger outreach. Below are just five which I find really useful when looking for outreach targets…

Majestic Chrome extension

Probably the most useful extension of all in terms of outreach, this add on allows you to quickly assess quality of the link profile of the site you are viewing. The extension will allow you to see the core Majestic metrics, TF/CF at domain, URL, root and sub domain level as well as showing the “freshest” ten links pointing back to the site – very useful! It will also show you the anchor text spread of the freshest links, again really handy to see what the blog owner has or hasn’t been up to in terms of optimising their own site.

Screen Shot 2017 08 18 at 8.54.46 AMScreen Shot 2017 08 18 at 8.54.57 AM


The Nofollow extension as you might imagine, highlights links that are set to nofollow, which when doing site discovery is extremely important to know of course. When a link has been set to nofollow, it is flagged with a border around it, which saves you manually checking the source code.


Open in SEMrush

I totally love SEMrush and it’s the SEO tool I use more than any other. For a quick look at a site’s overall visibility and top keywords, it’s really quick and efficient. And using their Chrome plugin makes this even easier as it quickly boots open another browser window showing the dashboard view of the domain you are viewing.

Screen Shot 2017 08 18 at 9.09.11 AM Look up

Finding the owner of a website is usually pretty straightforward, most bloggers leave their contact details on the site, or at least provide a contact form. However, if both those methods fail, you can try a domain registrant look up. This handy extension automates this.

Screen Shot 2017 08 29 at 9.35.42 AM

Link Klipper

Often when conducting a discovery task you will find a page with a list of bloggers that may all look like potential link targets, for example, someone might curate a list of the top car bloggers. This handy extension allows you to extract all the hyperlinks on the page to a .csv.

Screen Shot 2017 08 18 at 9.16.24 AM

These are just five extensions you can use to aid you outreach efforts, there are many other available, particularly if you use gmail – I will save that for another post!

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