What do we mean by bidding on your brand name in paid search?

Easy one. Running a PPC campaign with your company’s brand name as the keyword.

I’ve always been a keen advocate of bidding on brand terms for the reasons I’ll detail below. Everyone wins with brand campaigns, However I’m often met with the response that “Brand terms are a waste of money” and “we would have got those conversions anyway” and that may or may not be the case, however if you start bidding on brand you can add the following weapons to your PPC armoury.

Here are my top reasons for you to start bidding on brand terms.

Control you’re messaging

Sitelinks are a great way to reflect seasonal special offers that you won’t be able to promote through organic results. A 20% off deal in your sitelinks is sure to win over and attract customers who wouldn’t have necessarily known about the offer otherwise. If you have a message that you need to tell your customers about immediately then brand ads with sitelinks are a great option for you.

Send out trust signals

Brand sitelinks are a great way to shout about your businesses own credentials in order to create a positive impression. These can include:-

  • Mention your industry awards,
  • Client testimonials/case studies
  • Year the company was established,
  • Any related accreditations,
  • Membership to associations.

Protect your brand

Remove the distractions facing your potential customers! If you have competition appearing above you for your own brand name then brand keywords are a great way of clawing back some of that screen real estate that’s rightfully yours. Clicks on your brand name for your competitor will be more expensive for them than your business.

Branded terms are cheap as chips

Don’t just stick with the company brand name, start to look at adding some of your best selling products to the brand campaign. You will benefit from strong CTR and also improved quality score. Also think about adding your own URL as a brand term.

Capture sales that are close to the point of conversion

People who are searching for your company are already acquainted with your company or perhaps they heard about you from a friend or another of your advertising methods.

To push traffic to pages other than the homepage

Sitelinks offer a great shortcut to product specific pages in your website that wouldn’t otherwise be available. The plus point of this is that you are essentially shortening the conversion journey of the customer, which in turn makes them more likely to convert or direct people to a page where they can sign up for a newsletter or email subscription.

To measure brand awareness over time (in conjunction with Google trends)

Bidding on your company’s brand name is a great way to measure brand awareness over time. Is your brand growing? And how is your brand growing across different devices. What impact did your email campaign have on the growth of your brand? This can all be measured in conjunction with Google Trends to establish company growth.

To highlight positive reviews and feedback

If your brand has great reviews then a PPC ad can help highlight these by using the review stars and the review extension functionality. The way these extensions are presented through the adverts automatically draws attention to them, easily differentiating them from organic results.

The conclusion

Hopefully that’s given you some good reasons to bid on brand terms. Whilst clients may be sceptical at first, Branded PPC campaigns make a lot of sense logically and financially. It shows you have a trusted brand, encourages higher click-through rates, allows you to attract your audience with tailored messaging, brings you qualified leads and can stop competitors taking over your screen real estate. Best off all brand terms won’t hammer your budget.

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