Brand guidelines
Our mission
Achieving digital marketing excellence with best in class optimisation
Our values


We uphold the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all that we do.


We believe in open communication and transparency, ensuring clarity and trust within our team.


Innovation and creative thinking are at the heart of our culture, driving unique solutions for every challenge.


Each team member takes ownership of their responsibilities, fostering a sense of accountability and reliability.


We value collaboration, fostering an environment where diverse ideas come together to achieve collective success.


Respect is fundamental to our culture, creating a supportive and inclusive workplace for all team members.

Our tone of voice

Creative Approach

Encourage imaginative and inventive communication that showcases creativity.

Friendly and Unpretentious Tone

Maintain a warm, approachable, and down-to-earth tone, avoiding jargon and formality.

Delivery-Focused Mindset

Emphasize a results-oriented approach, conveying a commitment to delivering tangible outcomes.

Small Agency, Big Experience

Highlight the personalized touch and big impact of being a small, close-knit agency with significant experience.

Transparent and Direct Communication

Prioritize openness, honesty, and clarity in all communication.

Progressive and Ambitious Outlook

Showcase a forward-thinking mindset, adaptability, and a commitment to ambitious goals in the industry.

What we are
  • Creative, results-driven experts
  • Friendly transparent and approachable
  • Technically proficient and accessible
  • A small agency that makes a big impact
  • Remote-first, global, progressive and ambitious
What we aren’t
  • An unapproachable corporate entity
  • Salesy and overly formal
  • Result-averse
  • Technically inaccessible
  • Opaque and dishonest
  • Procrastinators
  • Disconnected
  • Complacent
Visual identity
Colour palette
MS Mid Blue

Hex: #1D71B2
RGB: 29, 113, 178

MS Indigo

Hex: #05416F
RGB: 5, 65, 111

MS Cloudy Blue

Hex: #A7C8E0
RGB: 167, 200, 224

MS Light Grey

Hex: #f8f9fa
RGB: 248, 249, 250

MS Grey

Hex: #F0F2F4
RGB: 240, 242, 244

MS Slate Blue

Hex: #60798c
RGB: 96, 121, 140

MS Midnight

Hex: #031E33
RGB: 3, 30, 51

Title Font
Cabinet Grotesque Variable (Bold)
Body Font
Cabinet Grotesque Variable (Regular)

Cabinet Grotesk is a family of contemporary fonts. In terms of design, Cabinet Grotesk is a sans; however, its letters feature of kind of stroke-contrast that set them apart from other sans serifs. The family includes eight styles, which range in weight from Thin through Extrabold – even the Thin weight maintains the family’s stroke-contrast model. As Cabinet Grotesk’s fonts get heavier, the stroke-contrast becomes most-prominent in the letterforms’ stroke connections. These get quite a ‘pinched’ look. Cabinet Grotesk’s numerals are proportional lining figures, and just as tall as the tops of the uppercase letters. The lowercase’s ascenders rise up to the common capital/numeral height, too. The letters ‘a’ and ‘g’ are double-storey by default, but single-storey variants are available via Stylistic Sets. The fonts also include several other unique OpenType features, including case-sensitive punctuation, 19 ligatures, a special form of the ‘IJ’ for the Dutch language (including the ‘IJ’ with acute accents over both the ‘I’ and the ‘J’), as well as alternate versions of the ‘Ä’ and ‘Ü’ that feature lowered dots. Cabinet Grotesk’s broad number of weights, combined with its eye-catching stroke-contrast, make it an ideal choice for use in editorial design.

Cabinet Grotesque Variable is free to download and can be obtained via Fontshare from the Indian Type Foundry.
Visual elements
Rounded corners

A border radius of 8px is used on most background areas and boxes.

Cards and titles


A 1px line to the left of a title or icon can be used to add emphasis to content.


Icons are used across the website to visually represent different values. These icons always appear in shades of blue over a white, or light blue background.