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BING – The Essential Mobile Ranking Factors & Techniques

It may not be your first port of call, or even your second, but Bing is becoming far more powerful and commanding more and more search space year on year. Is it time to sit up and take note? We think so! Bing is often overlooked by a number of agencies and businesses alike, but

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Aligning your search strategy using remarketing

  It is quite apparent that Social is a big driver for SEO strategies and the two work together well. It is also important to bear in mind that Adwords PPC traffic is separate from SEO with some level of influence if people are re searching and coming through organically. Many clients that want one

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Keeping up in the ever-changing race that is SEM

  As digital marketers we work in what is probably one of the most volatile industries, which is constantly changing, adapting and reinventing itself. It can often feel difficult to keep up to date with developments and industry news, whilst juggling numerous accounts and workloads. It is however vital to keep abreast of the latest

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Steps To Strengthen Your Business Online

Working at Marketing Signals has given me an insight into a number of different clients. All of these clients have had different needs and wants depending on the size of the company and the industry they are working in. I’ve had the most fun and learnt a lot from working on SME businesses who are

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PPC for Brand PR – Does it work?

Immediate search results are almost impossible as SEO and ‘Ranking’ is a long term process. However, what if an immediate result is needed because of an online PR issue? The answer – PPC (bear in mind PPC traffic and ranking is not the same as SEO). A PPC goal is evidently different for each client

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Make PPC Part of your SEO Strategy

Within this blog post, I’m going to go over a few uses for PPC which you may not have considered before and also to show you that they don’t have to be a duel between Google Adwords and your SEO Strategy… They can very much work in harmony to help produce the results that you’re

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