Writing effective and compelling ad copy is just one of a series of tasks associated with the creation of a new PPC campaign. However, often it seems, many advertisers do not spend enough time thinking about what they want the ad to say and which messages they want to project to the user. Of course. it can be easy to just Google your chosen keyword and see what existing advertisers are doing. However, by just taking this approach alone your Text Ad is less likely to stand out over the competition.  So, in order to avoid this, it can be useful to take a methodical approach to writing ad copy by asking yourself the following questions…

Is my Text Ad emotive?

Can your ad appeal to the emotion or situation the searcher may find themselves in. For example, if you were a speeding defence lawyer, you might want to project a feeling of assurance or imply that it is not inevitable that the person looking for their services will automatically face a driving ban.  So rather than using something boring ad copy like this…


…you could consider something like this…


Am I asking an (interesting) question?

Asking a question as a headline is a classic marketing ploy. So, why not take this one step further and think of something interesting. For example, inane ads such as…


….are pretty rudimentary and obvious. What can be more striking is to use more forthright messaging such as…


Am I making the business sound approachable/personable?

This is more suited to those advertising services rather than products, where often it can be better to promote the sizzle not the sausage. So rather than….


we opted for….


Our strapline of  “Friendly” and  “No Hard Sell” allow potential clients to feel they can contact us without fearing a heavy or over- pressurised sales pitch.

These are just some of the things you should consider when compiling your ad copy. With click costs rising year on year, it is more important then ever that your ads stand out from the crowd.

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