Data Studio is an intuitive reporting platform that processes raw data into shareable media. Users may grant peer access so as to allow multi-site project collaboration. We believe that the platform’s efficiency is second to none. This is down to features such as the ability to draw information from many data sources, including Google Analytics, AdWords, YouTube, and Search Console. However, there are many reasons as to why Data Studio is our number one. We’d like to share our top five. 

Top five benefits of choosing Data Studio as your data reporting software:

1. Customisable & Efficient

Prior to the availability and widespread adoption of Data Studio, many marketers relied on creating reports through Google Analytic’s standard dashboard. This platform required users to click between many screens and select between many filters to create reports. A tie consuming process. 

However, in order to allocate budgets efficiently, decision makers require a fast turnaround on large amounts of accurate data. Reports must be produced quickly. They also must be easy to read and easy to understand. Data Studio is built around these basic concepts, making it our preferred choice for data reporting.

2. Multiple Data Sources

One of the most significant and useful features of Data Studio is its ability to pull information from a variety of sources. Some of the most popular data sources include AdWords, Analytics, YouTube, Search Console, BigQuery, and MySQL.

Multiple Data Sources

This function allows users to construct reports that can then be shared with colleagues and clients.

3. Sharing & Collaboration

Data Studio operates like any other document on G-Drive. The author may grant access to peers with the option to allow or restrict editing. There is also an option to save and share content as a PDF file.

Share Reports

4. Filtering & Real-Time Updates & in Data Studio

The Data Studio dashboard updates in real time. Users can choose to change the date range at the click of a button. Further to this, users may select from advanced filtering options that allow an at-a-glance view of relevant data sets.

5. No Charge

That’s right. Google Data Studio is completely free. Google is doing a fantastic job of building an abundance of intuitive and time saving tools. When Data Studio was first released, there was a 5-report limit for users. This cap has long since been removed. Now, anyone can make use of these proficient dashboards without any limitations. Free of charge.

Overall, Data Studio helps users to create and monitor reports – something that helps to make life easier within the agency workplace.