In digital marketing, content is king. This means that we must communicate well researched information (that is of high value to the target demographic) through the most appropriate channels. However, some marketers are not fully aware that a distinct headline can in itself help to drive traffic – you could, for example, write the perfect article but fail to achieve a high level of engagement due to an uninteresting headline. With that in mind, let’s go through the anatomy of an eye-catching headline.

Optimise Your Headlines For Search Engines

It’s worth mentioning that the appropriate use of keywords is a basic principle of SEO. The use of long-tail keywords in headlines is especially advantageous – they are highly explanatory and help to attract the right readers. You can use tools such as MOZ, Uber Suggest, or Google Keyword for keyword research – or if you are looking for ideas on improving headlines, you can check tools such as these.

Establish an Emotional Connection

Content becomes more shareable when it taps into our emotions. This is because we enjoy sharing content that makes us feel something. In a study from 2017, Buzzsumo showed that the most shared headlines contained phrases such as “will make you”, “can we guess”, “only X in”, and “the reason is”. The explanation for this is simple: people tend to connect with relatable situations and brands.

Offer Solutions, Advice, And Suggestions

Depending on a client’s goal and target audience, you can figure out how to tailor your content. How to solve a problem quickly or find advice on a particular issue have proved to be the among most successful headline themes. That is why this type of headline is the most frequently used – we all have questions and doubts about how to do something or how to resolve a problem. We can’t forget that we have to peak our readers’ interests in order to boost traffic and increase clicks back to the client’s site.
For instance, let’s take the title “Stunning Party Dresses That Will Make You Look a Million Dollars”. The use of “make you” will help to garner interest in the article.

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Share Your Knowledge And Experience

We have all searched for online how-to guides. This style of ‘how-to’ headline is another interesting approach that aims to catch the attention of potential clients. You can either present this style of article as a straight forward guide (e.g. “guide on how to”) or in the format of a listicle (e.g. “why you should”), which, as a format, is very easy to absorb and plays on peoples’ curiosity.

Add Some Flair

Readers only click on a headline if it is clear, descriptive, and attractive. With this in mind, we must remember to use words such as “how” and “why” as they make headlines clear.
Let’s take as an example “Smoking is one of the most damaging health habits”. You can agree or disagree, but if you add “Why smoking is one of the most damaging habits for your health”, it will achieve much greater engagement. Here, you are addressing your reader directly through the use of “your”. You are also using a superlative “the most” and an adverb “why”. We’ve got all the points for a good headline.

Final Thoughts…

To sum up, the use of short and flat titles in content marketing doesn’t work well. They don’t lead to more click throughs, engagement, shareability, or conversions. We can’t forget that the headline is the doorway leading to clicks and shares – it must convince the readers that your content is valuable.