The vast majority of internet users would not make a purchase or complete a form on their first visit to your website. So I recommend you super charge Adwords RLSA with the following best practices. RLSA provided by Adwords is a way to show your ads as a reminder to some visitors who previously visited your site, as they do follow-up searches on Google. In addition, since the Search Network has the highest conversion rate compared to the Display Network, adjusting your bid for ads as your past visitors return to Google to search for a product or service you offer, would most likely result in a higher conversion rate.

Since someone who has visited your site is familiar to your products and services. It’s important that you are there in front of them. This reinforces your brand and if you also target those who had already made a purchase, it would increase your returning customer purchase rate.

So then, how can you benefit from tapping into the potential of Adwords RLSA?

Here I will discuss some common, nonetheless important RLSA Lists and setting strategies.

rlsa set up

  1.  All Site Visitors
  2. Past Converters
  3. Cart Abandoners

1) All Site Visitors: The goal of using this audience list option is to increase engagement with those who have already visited your site in order to reinforce your brand. This audience list is the simplest starting point for any RLSA campaign. It’s easy to build and has the largest audience list. So you can apply this list to each of your search campaigns and apply re-marketing bid adjustment.

2) Cart Abandoners: I can say that this is part of advanced list re-marketing. These are those who added your product to their shopping cart/started to fill in your web form and for some reason or another, abandoned this process (maybe their child started crying, they received a call that needs immediate attention etc…) So, you want to bring them back to complete their purchase.

3) Past Converters:  This is the one I love so much! Because they have done business with you before, they tend to convert more. If you do it right it could guarantee your business a lot of customer life-time value. They will be yours ‘forever’! And you can continue up-selling and cross selling to them for life.

Cart abandoners and past converters tend to convert well, since they have gone further down your customer journey funnel. So here we recommend applying higher bid adjustment than what you apply to all site visitors.

Choosing the Best Adwords RLSA Targeting Setting:

rlsa targeting

The targeting type you set will determine how closely your targeting criteria should be met.
Bid Only: In RLSA this is good if your want to preserve your already existing campaign setting, keywords and ad copy. Using this bid adjustment will not restrict your ad to your targeting method. With this setting you will reach more users who are not past visitors and get more traffic, since the bid will apply to new visitors. Google would recommend this as the best option, because it puts more money in their already filled pocket.  It is also the most common and easiest setting ad bid adjustment that can increase traffic and cost. When running RLSA, I recommend you stay away from this setting. However, feel free to test it to see if it would work for your business.

Target and Bid: I love this because here you can use broad match, and competitors’ brand name, since it will restrict your ad to the targeting method you have chosen.  So only those who are on your audience list would see your ad. It is important that you set up a new RLSA ad group or campaign for this type of targeting.

Adjusting RLSA(Adwords) Bid:

Since there is a great potential with Adwords RLSA, you could raise your bid to 100% or more to compete for top ad positions, as long as you are reaching your ROI goal.

For All Visitors I recommend raising your bid up to 100%, for Cart Abandoners up to +120% and for Converted Customers up to +150%. These are suggestions that have worked in the past based on experience. You would need to test and establish whether they would work for your business.

Growing Re-marketing Volume:

I recommend targeting broad KW to increase volume. This can be effective since the traffic that comes via RLSA is usually more qualified. RLSA will give you the power to use expensive broad keywords that you would not normally use in your search campaign, so take full advantage of this.

Applying these recommendations may increase the reach and the impact of your ad campaigns. And, I hope, your conversion rate too.

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