Micro Influencer is a millennial term, but what does it actually mean?

Unlike celebrities (who have millions of followers across their social channels) a micro influencer has fewer followers who are more engaged with their content. Think of them as your average Joe who has built up a dedicated following from zero. Rather than rising to Insta-fame after featuring on the latest reality show, a micro influencer will have gained their online kudos entirely through their blog, YouTube channel, Twitter account or Instagram profile.

Why you should target Micro Influencers in your marketing plan

Below are five reasons why you should be working with Micro Influencers.

Reach Your Target Niche

Micro influencers (by definition) have carved themselves out as gurus within their chosen niche. Followers share their passion for the same hobby and look to their accounts for inspiration, recommendations and advice.

Promoting a Product

Imagine you have a gardening or furniture product you wish to promote. You would be far better targeting a relevant niche audience by collaborating with a garden and/or home micro influencer, rather than running a more orthodox broadcast based campaign. The reason for this is that a relevant micro-influencers following will predominantly comprise those interested in gardening, architecture, interior design and ways of sprucing up living areas.Gardening micro influencersPictured Above: @kewplantsman & @debbytenquist Micro Influencer Instagram profiles

This rule applies across all niches from fashion to beauty, gaming to parenting and so on and so forth. Meaning the niche audience you can reach through a micro influencer campaign will be highly relevant to your target market.

Get More From Your Budget

In general, working with a micro influencer (for a one-off promotion) will not use the same proportion of your marketing budget than if you were to work with a high profile social personality, who has over a million followers.

By taking the micro-influencer approach, you will save more of your budget that can then be used in the future for multiple promotions. You could use the additional budget saved to work with a variety of micro-influencers across your target niche.This is also why working with micro influencers is a great marketing strategy for smaller businesses or brands just starting out, as you can get a higher ROI from smaller marketing budgets.

Increase Engagement

A study by Influencer network Markerly found that influencers with 10,000 to 100,000 followers had a 2.37% like rate on Instagram. This compares to social influencers with 1-10 million followers, whose average like rate was just 1.66%. By travelling lower down the follower scale, micro-influencers with less than 1,000 followers had an average like rate of 8%.

As an example of a micro influencer below is my own Instagram account. Now there is nothing wrong with a bit of self-promotion, but there is a reason for it…

UK Style Blogger Charlotte Buttrick Instagram

When looking at these figures, I can imagine that users with 1,000 or fewer followers on Instagram possibly have a higher rate of likes due to their following including a lot of friends? I for one know that around 300 or so of my followers on Instagram – @charlottebuttrick – are people that I am friends with on Facebook.

So if you are new to the micro influencer marketing game, I would recommend that the sweet spot would be to hit accounts with between 5,000- 50,000 followers for your first campaign.

Make Your Brand Relatable

Micro influencers are everyday people who have grown their followings from a passion or hobby. To get a ‘follow’ click on their profile they have to be relatable to the person joining them online. Whether they follow because they connected on a mutual interest, love their sense of style, find them funny or just aspire to have their aesthetic or lifestyle, micro influencers are relatable and their followers feel like they could have a one on one chat with them as a friend would.

Which brings me onto my fifth and final reason why you should be adding micro influencers to your outreach strategy…

Build Trust With Your Audience

Being relatable helps to build trust with your audience. Micro-influencers have a close following who trust their views, product recommendations and items they love. The relatability factor will also help audiences to imagine themselves purchasing or using your service or product.

Also in recent news, a number of celebrities have been called out for not disclosing brand collaborations on their Instagram profiles. Huge social and reality celebrities including the Kardashians have fallen foul of disclosing paid promotions. Hiding this from their audience.

What you will find when working with micro influencers is that they are often proud to stamp an AD disclaimer on their posts and be transparent with their followers.

Kylie Jenner Promoting products with no ad disclaimerPictured Above: Kylie Jenner’s Instagram @kyliejenner

Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t target influencers with a huge following. This article has merely been written to highlight the benefits of using micro influencers, should you not already be incorporating them into your marketing mix. As with all things it is best to go for an approach that includes a variety of tactics in your marketing plan.

What Are Your Thoughts On Micro Influencers?

I would love to know your thoughts on using micro influencers as part of your outreach strategy in the comments below 🙂