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Work Smart

Stop logging in to multiple data sources to grab the same data and tasks repeatedly.

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Save Time

Pull your favourite metrics straight from the link data source and import all at once.

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Automate Tasks

Track metric growth or decline over time with an automated monthly check and report.

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Metric Grabber Features:

Why Metric Grabber?


Quickly grab all your chosen data points from multiple sources in one place.


Track changes to the data points over time in an automated way.


Take advantage of the free tiers within the tool. Upgrade only when you need to.


Start working smarter through your task lists with Metric Grabber.

Connect Your link Data Sources

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Connect your Ahrefs, Majestic, MOZ and/or SEMrush accounts - Grab all the data points you need to make decisions

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No expensive SEO tools here - All our tools have a free options with lots of credits per month

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Set and forget task management - Set up your metric grabber project and we will check all your chosen data points monthly.

All our tools have a free tier.
Sign up today to free your time and
start working smarter.

We have dissected our link building process to its component parts and you can utilise all of them or part of them.

Check out our Metric Grabber and Domain Auditor apps. 

View all our current tools here.

Metric Grabber process is simple

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Connect your link data sources

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Paste The URLs You To Grab Metrics For

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Select the metrics you want in the report

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relax - Metric Grabber will do the rest

We all know the feeling

when traffic and sales drop and you need to investigate what is causing the issues...

We have run SEO campaigns for over 15 years. We know the importance of having the full picture when it comes to metrics. High DA and low traffic = alarm bells! Metric grabber is designed to give you a single view of all the metrics relevant to you.

With metric grabber history and 1 click export, you have all the information you need in a couple of clicks. Overlay this with link metric data and you have an invaluable source of link data.

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With over 15 years experience...

With over 15 years experience in the link building and link risk management industry, you can rest assured that we know what to look for and what potential changes can have an affect on your rankings and traffic.

You can also rest assured that our tools have been stress tested internally before we release them to you. We trust them for our own link building and traffic monitoring projects so we are confident you can trust them for yours.

Founder of Metric Grabber – Gareth Hoyle

What our Great Clients

say About Us


Rishi Lakhani

Hard to believe this functionality is available for this price. We used to check all our clients’ links manually which took a lot of time and was liable to errors. Metric Grabber is an amazing tool that saves us time.


Arsen R

Metric Grabber allows us to import our link building reports and forget about them, safe in the knowledge that we will be alerted of any issues. 10/10 for this tool - and the fact it is free is amazing!. So much value!

Giovanni Delfino

Giovanni A Delfino

These tools save us literally days and days of labor per month, every month and all for such a low cost. Previously we only ever saw this functionality within larger tools that we couldn't justify the monthly subscription.

You have questions,

we have answers.

Like all our SEO tools, Metric Grabber has a free tier which scales up to a paid service depending on your usage needs. You can see the tier details on the pricing page.
We check all metrics monthly. This is in line with the frequency we see 3rd party tools updating their metrics.

Is a question we get asked a lot… Everyone has different data source preferences and metrics of choice. We wanted to open the tools to suit all the needs of our users so we let you decide what metrics you add to the data.

By adding your data sources rather than ours, it also keeps the price of the tools down which has always been one of main aims from the tools.

It will depend on what data sources you have connected to your account.

As a minimum for each provider –

  • Ahrefs – DomainRating, AhrefsRank
  • Majestic – TrustFlow, CitationFlow, TopicalTrustFlow
  • Moz – DomainAuthority, PageAuthority, SpamScore
  • SEMRUSH – OrganicTraffic, OrganicKeywords, SemrushRank

Should you require a metric that we do not provide (and it is available via the providers API), open a support request and we will get it added.

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