The New AdWords Dashboard

More and more accounts have now been granted beta access to the new dashboard. If you decide to try out the beta version you are able to switch back to the old version if required.

When going into the new dashboard, I was a little taken aback and unsure where to start!

The new dashboard is completely different from the older version, The old home screen version has been replaced by an overview tab, which allows snapshots of tables with metrics you can personalise. There is also a double-decker left sidebar layout.

adwords dashboard

The different campaign types are separated out, so filtering is no longer needed to review performance by unique campaign type.

Some headings have been moved away to the top right hand side of the screen, whereas they were on the left hand menu in the older version. (Shared Library and Bulk Actions)

Other New AdWords Dashboard Features

  • The columns are adjustable
  • Ads & extensions are bundled into the same tab
  • Change history is much more visual
  • The location targeting is more visual
  • New filters such as “Good quality but low traffic keywords.”
  • Creating new campaigns, ad groups, keywords, extensions, etc. is indicated by the always present big blue “+” button.

Reporting Dashboard

Within the new dashboard, it is being tested to have a reporting dashboard, which can be scheduled to be emailed daily, on the first of the month or weekly.

Once the table and charts are built they can be edited, shared or downloaded as a PDF. A text widget is available to include comments.

This function only supports single account data at this point and is not compatible at the Manager Account (MCC) level.

New Adwords Dashboard


I’m sure after spending a little more time in the new version of the interface I will be able to navigate easily around and be able to work more efficiently than I do in the older interface. A few elements from the older interface are still missing, but i’m sure before the official role out, they will be added.

In my opinion the best feature will be the Overview Tab!

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