Paid Advertising is a fantastic way to ensure short term profitable engagement. Seasonal events are super important to maximise sales opportunities and can also allow your Ads to appear a little better and approachable. Brands that aren’t taking advantage of these opportunities are letting profit slip through!

Here is our PPC checklist complied to ensure your Valentine’s campaigns are up to scratch for any last minute sales.

Promotional Content

Use the opportunity to add offers and promotions to your Ads. Shoppers are always looking for money saving opportunities on occasions like these. Ideas can include: a percentage off the product, free shipping and so on.

Creative Ad Copy

Tailor your Ad Copy to be approachable and theme appropriate. Add a romantic feel and creative ideas for people looking for help with gifts. Stand out from the crowd so that your customers are getting more for their money. Segment them according to your product for example male and female targeted Ad Copy, based on where your sales for that particular product have proved popular in the past.

Landing pages

If possible, create a specific PPC targeted landing page for your promotional or Valentines targeted products. Use the appropriate user intended design, and make your conversion opportunities easy and device friendly.


Make use of your extensions for your Ads for Valentine’s offers and other opportunities. Why not link to your social accounts and tie in a multi-channel strategy?

Bid Adjustments and Timing

Use this as an opportunity to explore the best time to catch your customers and increase or decrease bids for different times. When are your customers searching? When are people looking for gift ideas? Lunch times? Commute times? Late in the evening? This will allow the best return on investment for your paid search.

Making sure all these factors are on point will allow your Valentine’s campaigns to run properly. The key importance is to gather as much data as possible, particularly if it is the first time. This will then allow you to build the strategy in advance for the following year and allow predictions of where to push the PPC Ads for your brand and products.

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