September has arrived! This means that the preparation for seasonal PPC campaigns has begun. There are many opportunities during the next few months, including Black Friday, Boxing Day, New year and the general lead up to Christmas for gift buying. Utilising this part of the year is crucial, particularly with Google Shopping, where being at the forefront of customer product searches will inevitably increase sales opportunities. Ensuring better optimisation overall, will allow the opportunity to increase sales with positive ROI. Here are a few tips to get started.

Expand your inventory

Google pick up your products quicker from your feed when there are more products in your feed to be shown. This increases the Ad inventory overall and for retailers; it combines well with better offline attribution and more sales through conversational shopping. This means, the products at seasonal opportunities such as Boxing Day and Black Friday should reflect how the strategy is handled offline, so when a user is searching for the product, the option to purchase is available through the Shopping inventory in Google. Place all your products in the feed and manage the inventory bidding through Adwords.

Feed optimisation using SEO techniques

As searches for products increase, your product feed products need to be well optimised. Google will not give you full reassurance that they will display your product at all times. The control from your end is reflected by how well you have positioned the data for the product in your feed. Make sure titles, descriptions and all product data is keyword enriched but not stuffed and that the data is well described and useful for the search intent.

Negative keyword optimisation

Make sure lots of negative keywords are added to your campaigns. These are products we do not want to show up for. At seasonal stages, there is lot of wide searches. This will help the campaign to perform better and keep it targeted.

Concentrate on the best sellers

Consider which products sell the best for you by looking through your Analytics data. Raise the bids for these, ensuring they are profitable. There are some products that tend to perform better seasonally, so getting the best out of them at key times such as Black Friday & Christmas is important.

Ensure relevant extensions

Utilize the ad extensions given to you by Google. The better the relevancy of these extensions then the higher the chances are that your ad will show. Utilise options such as ratings and review counts which can be aggregated from your site. For a rating to be displayed, you must have 3 reviews on a product and 50 reviews minimum across all of your products. Ask your customers to feed this to you throughout the year, which will benefit you at seasonal times for better ROI.

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