As we enter the final quarter of the year and the weather begins to change, it becomes natural to begin reflecting on what the previous 9 months has brought.

Here at Marketing Signals, we’re no different. We’ve had a hugely successful year in terms of internal growth, external growth, and excellent results achieved for our clients – that we had fun while on the journey so far is a welcome by-product.

One of our objectives this year has been to increase our standing within the digital scene here in the UK. Our Managing Director, Gareth Hoyle, is already quite the face on the international SEO scene, and he’s been keen for us to get a share of that spotlight. This is something the team has been working towards.

Which makes it an absolute delight to announce that we have recently been accredited as a RAR Agency, not only for our SEO prowess but for our PPC expertise as well!

What is the Recommended Agencies Register (RAR)?

For those unaware of the Recommended Agencies Register, the title is quite self explanatory; it’s a register comprised of recommended agencies. The brainchild of leading marketing voice ‘The Drum’, the register has become an industry wide accepted seal of approval.

Much like why music acts in the 90’s preferred the Smash Hits Awards to the Brits, the reason why the Recommended Agency Register is so highly regarded is because you can only become one by being rated by your clients.

There are no brown envelopes full of used fifty pound notes to give to industry insiders in order to secure the trophy (Steps, we’re looking at you; ‘Best Live Act 1999’ Brit Winners), you achieve this accolade purely on the basis of your results.

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Our commercial focus on PPC – services that deliver results

For us to have achieved this in our relative infancy when it comes to offering PPC services is amazing and something the team is rightly proud of. Becoming RAR accredited for our SEO offering is just further confirmation of our reputation for delivering outstanding, innovative campaigns within the SEO field.

Just because we’re entering the home stretch of the year doesn’t mean we’ll be resting on our laurels. As always we will be striving to continue these successes – and, hey, why don’t you give us a call if you’d like to share in that with us.